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Photo Guide

An awesome piece of art starts with an awesome reference picture. You don't need a fancy camera, smart phone pictures work great!

Just follow these tips and we will take care of the rest.

Find Bright Lighting ☀️

We all love good lighting. Try using a photo taken on a sunny day outside or in a well lit room. 

Our artists work directly with the photo you upload. Make sure your photo shows the details of your loved one's face, but not so much that their face is too bright to see. Darker photos make it hard for our designers to capture the details!

Best custom pet blanket | The Paw Face

Get your pet to sit or stand 📷

Getting your pet to sit or stand with their head in a clear upright position helps a great deal! When your pet is laid down it's harder to create an amazing piece of art. Take your photo at eye level with your pet.

Your pet doesn't have to be looking straight at the camera, that's all your preference. Sometimes a side pose looks really cool. All we ask is try to have the head of your pet free on all sides. If we can only see half of the face or the photo is taken from the side, only half of the face will be on your product! Remember not to leave their ears out of frame, our artists can only work with what's in the photo.

Best custom pet blanket | The Paw Face


Best custom pet blanket | The Paw Face 

Get Close Up 😊

Getting up close to your pet allows us to get all those fine details that makes your pet yours. Try to be within 3-5 feet of your pet when taking a photo. Try to make sure the ears, snout, and any other key features are still visible and not cropped from being too close. For half body, head to chest is what we do best. If you want full body, make sure the body are not hidden.

Pet pictures on blankets The Paw Face
Pet pictures on blankets The Paw Face
Pet pictures on blankets The Paw Face

More than 1 pet 🐕?

If you want to print 3 pets on 1 product. You can either upload 1 photo (with all pets in it) or if that’s difficult, upload 1 photo with 1 pet one by one and we will draw all of them together into the same art. But while placing the order, you need to select "3" in the option "How many Pets?". 

We allow up to a maximum of 3 pets. We are unable to accept photos for more than 3 pets since it ends up being too crowded when printed on our products and will not bring out the best in your pets artwork. The blanket, beach towel and canvas layout will be in Landscape for more than 1 pet.


Please note:  

All photos undergo a screening process once your order has been placed. If there's an issue with the photo and we believe your artwork won't be as detailed as we'd both like, we will email you. But if we don't hear back within 48 hours, we'll have to proceed with the photo you originally provided.


Have questions? Email us anytime! We love ❤️ hearing from you.

We're excited to begin this creative journey 🏃!

Best custom pet blanket | The Paw Face