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About Us

Looking for pet gifts 🎁? A custom blanket, canvas, mug or beach towel with a special picture of your loving pet will be a good choice for all occasions. The Paw Face will help you create a unique and custom pet product with the adorable face of your pet on it. You can show your love and friendship with your furry friend in creative ways.

I was afraid of dogs when I was a kid and I didn’t care much about animals. But things have changed after “Doll Doll” (a poodle 🐩) came to our family. He has become my sunshine ever since. All I care is to give him more love and care every day and to make sure he lives a happy healthy doggy life.

Now as a pet parent, I have more concern over animal welfare. The Paw Face is set up to spread our love❤️ for pets and animals. We create fun and beautiful products to help pet lovers capture joyous moments and preserve precious memories in artistic form - in a soft, fleecy and personalized blanket for example.

Our products are printed in the US 🇺🇸. We provide worldwide shipping and free shipping on all US orders. You shop. We Give. On every purchase, The Paw Face pledges to donate 1% of purchase amount to pet adoption and rescue. Your help 💗can make a difference and save a life.

Visit The Paw Face and create your own custom pet pawducts. Have fun!

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